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Summer Fun Program

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Our program is designed to create a vibrant and engaging summer experience that blends the principles of Reggio Emilia with the excitement of summer adventures.

"Step into our Reggio-inspired School Age Summer Program and unlock a world of boundless curiosity, endless possibilities, and unforgettable experiences. This summer, we embark on a journey where learning knows no boundaries, where imaginations soar, and where friendships bloom. Through hands-on projects, collaborative problem-solving, and immersive adventures, we empower school-age children to embrace their unique passions, nurture their creativity, and discover the joy of lifelong learning in the warm embrace of summer.”

Gardening at Bloom Learning Center

Hands-On Explorations

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We believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our program offers a wide range of interactive activities and projects that encourage children to explore, discover, and create. From science experiments and art projects to outdoor adventures and group challenges, every day brings new opportunities for curious minds to thrive.

Collaborative Adventures

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Collaboration is at the heart of our program. We foster a sense of community and teamwork by encouraging children to work together on exciting summer projects. Whether it's building a mini-garden, organizing a treasure hunt, or creating a performance, our activities promote cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Children exploring the grounds at Bloom Learning Center
Gardening at Bloom Learning Center

Outdoor Exploration

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Summer is a time to embrace the beauty of nature. We prioritize outdoor experiences, allowing children to connect with the natural world, engage in physical activities, and develop an appreciation for the environment. From nature walks and picnics to gardening and outdoor games, we celebrate the joy of being outside.

Creative Expression

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Artistic expression is nurtured in our program. Children have the opportunity to explore various art forms, including painting, sculpting, music, dance, and drama. We celebrate their unique creativity and provide a supportive environment for self-expression and imaginative play.

Messy outdoor paint days at Bloom Learning Center
Making it snow at Bloom Learning Center

Reflection & Documentation

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In the spirit of Reggio Emilia, we value the process of reflection and documentation. Children are encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, and discoveries through discussions, journals, photographs, and displays. This reflection process deepens their understanding, fosters communication skills, and builds self-awareness.

Fun & Celebration

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Summer is a time for fun and celebration, and our program embraces that spirit. We organize special events, themed days, and engaging surprises to make each day memorable. From water play and outdoor picnics to themed dress-up days and festive celebrations, laughter and joy are woven into every moment.

Children enjoying a day at Bloom Riverhead Campus
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