Welcome to Bloom Natural Learning Center. Our goal is to provide your child with the BEST possible Early Childhood Program. Here at Bloom we believe our dedicated and caring teachers along with our creative curriculum, hands on, child centered learning environment and healthy lifestyle will help us in achieving this goal.


Choosing the right child care facility can be a challenge and we are glad you have chosen Bloom!


Bloom has an open door policy. We are your new home away from home. Please feel free to pop in or give a call at any time to check in on your child. We are so glad to have you as part of our Bloom family.



Tara & Steve Kochanskyj



Free Choice Activities are offered in every classroom throughout the day and is often referred to as play time. For young children this time is so much more than play time. During free choice activity time children are given the opportunity to explore the classroom moving through the different learning areas. These areas include building & construction, art, writing, dramatic play, science, math, technology, reading & library. Each center features learning activities that go along with the classes’ monthly theme and align with NYS Early Education Standards. Children are given the opportunity to freely choose an activity that interests them, participate in the activity and are then taught to clean up after themselves before moving on to the next activity of choice. During this time children may participate in multiple activities or choose to spend all their time working on and mastering one activity.  Additionally free choice activities allow students to interact with peers and learn through discovery while teachers work with individual or small groups of children on guided play learning.


Outside Play is offered daily in both the morning and afternoon. The outdoor space at Bloom has been specifically designed as a natural play space that encourages continued learning outside of the classroom rather than the commercially made play equipment we have become used to. Stumps for climbing, hills for rolling, sand and dirt for digging as well as outdoor classroom spaces including an art area, mud kitchen and more will allow your child to explore and create while building large motor muscles and staying fit and active outside of the classroom. Bloom has also created an additional outdoor space where children will be invited to participate in structured physical education classes such as relay races, soccer clinics, kickball, tee ball, yoga and more. Our youngest students can relax and play on their own infant playground or take a walk on school grounds in one of our two 4 seat strollers. Teachers are encouraged to take students out for additional outside experiences when time allows. Reading a book under a tree or having a picnic snack or lunch as often as possible is a welcomed and expected experience for all Bloom students.


Breakfast, Lunch & Snack is provided to all students and made fresh daily in our school kitchen. Bloom believes in offering students healthy, organic or all natural food choices and encourages good eating habits. Fresh fruits and vegetables accompany each meal and are often also offered at snack time. Milk and water are served with all meals and snacks. Teachers work with students as they learn to wash hands before and after meals as well as set the table and clean up their eating space after themselves. Infants are offered any meal components parents request with written permission when developmentally ready.


Studio Art is offered to our toddlers, preschool and pre-k students. Studio art is offered outside during warm month and in the classroom as a push in special during winter months and inclement weather. Students will explore art mediums including painting, pottery and clay, chalk and pastels, sculpture and more


Spanish is a special offered to our preschool and pre-k students. During Spanish class students will learn basic words including numbers, days of the week, months of the year, colors, common phrases and simple songs. Students will complete some Spanish workbook pages that they will get to take home to continue practice outside of school.


Musical Spanish has been designed specifically for our toddler program. Children will learn simple concepts through songs. Skill set will be built upon as they continue our Spanish program in preschool and pre-k.


Physical Education is offered to our toddler, preschool and pre-k students. This program is held outdoors on the field. Students will work on team building and sportsmanship as they learn to play common gym class games and sports. During winter months and inclement weather children will practice yoga and stretching as well as structured dance in their classroom.


Chorus is offered to our toddler, preschool and pre-k students. Students practice a variety of songs and end their lessons with winter and spring chorus productions each year. Our toddlers practice singing and dancing to the beat with rhythm instruments and rhyming songs.


Story Hour is a special time when our toddlers come together to listen to some of Blooms most loved books, flannel board stories and poems. Each week students participate in a corresponding art activity that accompanies the reading activity.


STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. During this special preschool and pre-k students will work with teachers using specially designed STEAM activities. Directions for recreating and building upon activities will be sent home whenever possible.

Sample Breakfast Menu

  • whole and 1% organic milk

  • fruit & veggie smoothies

  • assorted fruit & veggies

  • yogurt coated frozen banana bites

  • pancake muffins

  • Organic O's cereal

  • fresh assorted fruit

  • yogurt & berry parfait w/ granola

  • bagel or english muffin w/ jam

Sample Lunch Menu

Sample Afternoon Snack Choices

  • sunbutter & jelly on whole grain bread w/ carrots & cucumber salad

  • grilled cheese & sweet potato bites

  • grilled chicken, quinoa & broccoli bowls

  • homemade chicken & vegetable noodle soup

  • butternut squash baked macaroni & cheese

  • hidden spinach baked ziti

  • cheese pizza

  • raisins, sunflower seeds & cracker mix

  • frozen fruit & veggie smoothie pops

  • hummus & crackers

  • apples & sunbutter

  • applesauce