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Parent communication is an important part of our program here at Bloom.  Kangarootime allows us to interact with parents throughout the day in real time via a downloadable app on your smart phone.  Teachers are able to input information about your child's day quickly and easily using the Kangarootime app.  Parents can "check in" on their child by simply clicking on the Kangarootime icon on their smart phone and scrolling through the app.  Parents can view daily notes and wellness checks, photo galleries, diaper and toileting progress, nap times, meals and snacks as well as access to their billing account where they can pay tuition right from their phone.  Kangarootime also offers an email system that teachers can check from the classroom during the school day.  The best part is all the information that is input into Kangarootime is saved and can be accessed at any time.

Kangarootime parent app pictures
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