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"In the Reggio Emilia approach, we believe that every preschooler is a capable and creative individual, full of imagination and potential. Through collaborative learning experiences, we strive to ignite their curiosity, encourage their self-expression, and empower them to become active participants in shaping their own learning journey.”

Spelling at Bloom Learning Center

Interactive Activities

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Reggio-inspired interactive activities are designed to engage children in hands-on exploration, collaboration, and creative expression. These activities encourage active participation, foster curiosity, and promote meaningful learning experiences.

Provocations & Invitations

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Thoughtfully designed provocations and invitations spark children's curiosity and invite them to explore materials or concepts in open-ended ways. These setups may include art materials, natural objects, or intriguing objects that prompt investigation, experimentation, and imaginative play.

Castle creations at Bloom Learning Center
Growing plants at Bloom Learning Center

Collaborative Projects

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Encourage children to work together on long-term collaborative projects allows them to develop teamwork skills, engage in meaningful discussions, and share their perspectives. These projects may involve constructing a structure, creating a mural, or investigating a specific topic of interest.

Sensory Experiences

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Sensory activities stimulate children's senses and provide opportunities for exploration and self-expression.

Outdoor play at Bloom Learning Center
Trimming the trees at Bloom Learning Center

Nature Explorations

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Taking children outdoors and providing experiences in nature is an integral part of the Reggio Emilia approach. Activities like nature walks, observing plants and animals, or creating nature-inspired art can deepen children's connection with the natural world and inspire their creativity.

Documentation & Reflection

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Encouraging children to document their experiences through drawings, photographs, or recordings helps them reflect on their learning and develop their communication skills. Displaying and discussing their documentation with peers and adults promotes further inquiry and dialogue.

Dentist days at Bloom Learning Center
Learning to make sales at Bloom Learning Center

Story Telling & Dramatic Play

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Storytelling and dramatic play activities allow children to express their ideas, emotions, and experiences through imaginative play. Providing props, costumes, and storytelling prompts ignites their creativity and supports language development.

The essence of Reggio-inspired interactive activities lies in valuing children's ideas, promoting open-ended exploration, and fostering a sense of wonder and joy in the learning process.

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